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I have a quick article for you to read. Now I didn’t write this but I’m sure you will relate. A good friend of mine wrote this and I asked her if I could use it and she agreed. It’s funny how things work out. Let me ask you, Are you tired of your job? Do you get tired of the long hours, the small paychecks. One thing I want you to realize is,

if you make $20 / hour, your company is probably making 5 times that amount on YOUR work. So they make $100 for every hour YOU work and you make $20. Does that seem fair? Most people don’t think about that because they have never made $20 an hour before. How about if you make more? Your company still makes a lot more in order to pay you. Why not do something about it?

Any way! Here is what you are here to read

“Greetings everyone! Like most of you, I have a typical office job. Another thing I have in common with all of you is that I highly dislike my typical office job. Why? Well, probably for the same reasons as you. Some of these points may actually sound familiar to you.

Why I LIKE My Job

First of all, let’s think of the positives. I like my job, because I make money. Who doesn’t like that? I also like my job, because I am gaining experience. As a new college grad, this is important to me. Lastly, I like my job, because it allows me to take advantage of my degree so I don’t feel like it was a waste of time. That’s it! Only three points to like about my job. Now, let’s take a look at the dislikes, shall we?

Why I HATE My Job

I HATE My JobPoint one: I dislike my job, because everyone wants me to do everything, including their own jobs, on top of my job. Has this ever happened to you? You are trying to finish your work and everyone else seems to be piling more and more “favors” on top of you, which gear you away from what you are really suppose to be doing. These so-called “favors” are simply a polite way of saying “do my job for me”.

Point two: I dislike my job, because I have to do secretary work, and I’m not a secretary. This pretty much speaks for itself, and some of you may know this all too well. Calls being forwarded to you and you having to stop what you are doing to find the person and tell them they have a call. And I’m doing this, why?

Point three: I dislike my job, because of my heat wave bug infested office. Now, most of you probably have nice, neat, and tidy offices that have proper ventilation and air conditioning with little to no bugs. But if any of you are in my position, you know what I’m talking about when I say HEAT. I have no air conditioning in my office and no ventilation whatsoever. Plus, I live inArizona. On top of that, I have bugs constantly crawling around my office, which by the way is a tiny microscopic box; a sweat box to be exact. I look around to find that all of the other managers’ offices are the exact opposite of mine. So what does this tell me? That I am unimportant, unappreciated, and don’t deserve any better. But little do they know, that I most certainly DO deserve better. Way better.

Point four: I dislike my job, because people tell me I didn’t do something when I really did. Does something along the lines of “You didn’t print such and such” sound familiar? But you know for certain that you did, and how about that, it is right behind them!

Point five: I dislike my job, because I am surrounded by unreliable people who make my job more difficult. This is a major one that can ruin your reputation. Everyone knows that unreliable people make reliable people unreliable, right? Well, it’s true! You may be the most punctual and diligent individual in the whole building. But if you are working with a bunch of unreliable people who are always late on getting important papers and documents back to you on time, you are going to be taking the blame for many things that really aren’t your fault. Trust me, I know.

Point six: I dislike my job, because I don’t have my own office. Yes, it’s true. I have to share my office. Any of you who have gone through this know what I mean when I say that it’s ridiculously aggravating. Things are taken and moved around all the time, and something is always tampered with. This is usually the computer, which gets messed up due to the other person. Hooray.

Point seven: I dislike my job, because people tell me how to do my job when I know it best. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Most of you probably know a thing or two about this point all too well. It is almost as though we are incapable of performing our duties, when in all reality we do that and some! If you ask me, sometimes they do this just to pick on us. Don’t ask, because I really don’t know why. Same thing with accusations. Yes, you know what I’m talking about.

Point eight: I dislike my job, because I have to deal with selfish and inconsiderate people. Additionally, everyone wants something different and it’s really hard to please them all; I always end up doing something wrong in someone’s eyes. You know those people, the ones who only want what they want and don’t give a hoot about others around them. Yes, those people. Not only do they make things more difficult than they need to be, but they are beyond aggravating. To put it simply, it seems like you can never do anything right at the office even if you think you are.

Point nine: I dislike my job, because I don’t get paid enough to do everything that I do. Now, I know the moral majority of you agree with this point. That’s because the majority of us get paid peanuts compared to what we should really be making. Our efforts, time, energy, and potential are equal to WAY more than what they are giving us credit for. Not including all the work, projects, and extra stuff we do that we shouldn’t even be doing in the first place. No way!

There is so much more credit to be given. We should be making so much more at our jobs, because we are worth so much more. The only ones who can see that is us. Once we do, then we know that we can do better for ourselves, be better, and live better. Sounds absolutely amazing, right? Of course! But wait, how do we go about achieving this limitless maximum potential? Well, first step is to realize it and believe it and act on your beliefs.”

WOW. The likes is half a paragraph and the dislikes is 10?

All I can say is it sounds like she is tired of doing the same old thing. Tired of working for someone else and making peanuts compared to what her company makes. If this is like most of you, Let me tell you there is a way! You CAN make more money. You CAN do something you love. All you have to do is ACT! Just put your name and information in the form below and I’ll give you a FREE 15 minute consultation about what you can do to make more money without taking any time out of what you currently do. The Choice is YOURS!

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