How to Prospect: Stick Out From the Crowd

What Makes it easy: How to Prospect

When you learn how to prospect there will be a light bulb that goes off in your head. It will not only help you grow anyHow To Prospect business you are in, but it is easily DUPLICATED. The best part about learning how to prospect is you learn that you only work with those you would choose as friends. Any other person won’t mix with you and will only cause problems. That is the best part about prospecting for YOUR business. The process in prospecting is:

  1. Connect with someone. ex. Meeting someone while you are out, connecting with people online ect.
  2. Build a rapport with that person. Get them to know you like you and trust you. (easiest way to build a rapport is talk about them, people LOVE talking about themselves)
  3. Get Contact info when you depart
  4. Give a call back 24-48 hours later.

This is the easiest 4 step process in prospecting ever. Prospecting is the ONLY money making activity we do. So why not do more of it? HINT! You’ll make more money if you do more of it…..

Learning How to Prospect Once You Call them Back

How To Prospect How to ProspectCalling people back is key to building your business. There is nothing worse than someone trying to hide behind their computer who complains about never making money. This is a simple process I take when I call people back.

Once they answer I say, “Hey (name), this is Corey Otten, you may not remember me but we met at, (wherever I met them).” They Typically say, “I remember”

I say, “I’ve been thinking about our conversation for the last couple of days. Do you have time to talk for about 5 minutes? (name) There is something important I want to show you… hold on one sec.”

At this point I 3–way them into a pre recording. I give them information via email, or I give them the number to call and I’ll call back in 10 minutes.

Once they listen I say “Could you hear that ok?” They say “Yes” Make sure you listen to how they respond.

I then say, “(Name) That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. (If they are local make arrangements to meet them) You are one of the sharpest (or whatever word describes them best for you) people I have met in a long time. Our company is doing some expansion and we are looking for sharp people. I don’t know if you would be interested in this or not. But this just may be what you are looking for. When you told me about.. (Use what they told you in your conversation. i.e. kids, more time freedom. ect) Could I get together with you for a cup of coffee and discuss what I’m doing to talk about the possibilities?”

If they are long distance you say the same thing only you send them info or get them to a seminar. Make sure you ask them how they would like to learn something new! That is the MILLION dollar question. Internet, Television, radio, or newspaper. This shows what they want to read or watch. Let the tools do the talking. Once you do this follow up. The final step is DUPLICATE what you are doing. You then teach them how to prospect. Once they learn how to prospect They teach others how to prospect so your business grows without you.



How To Prospect

When you learn how to prospect you will know. When you do it you’ll feel good about what you say. Make sure when you talk to people you are genuinely interested in what they are doing. Ask them what they do for a living. Most people think that, when they ask you in return what you do, it is an opening for you to tell them all about your business…. Its NOT. An easy way to get out of this is “I help people own and operate their own business,  but tell me a little bit more about (whatever you want to talk about). The only thing left to do is continue the process. Once you get one KEEP GOING!

Learn How to Prospect using the INTERNET

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  1. Steve Harris
    1271 days ago

    Hey Corey, Great Post! We both agree on many points. The money is made in the follow up and many simply don’t understand how to follow up effectively. You hit the nail on the head man. Many people just sit behind their keyboard and wonder why they aren’t making any money. This business is all about creating new relationships with people. You can only go so far through a computer screen. You need to actually get over your fear, pick up the phone and talk to them. Keep up the great work!
    Steve Harris recently posted..3 Steps To Effective Follow Up

  2. Sherman Smith
    1271 days ago

    Hey Corey,

    It’s just as simple as that! nuff said.. Great video!


  3. davida
    1032 days ago

    Hi Corey

    Thanks for sharing these tips in such an easy to follow way. To have our pipeline contantly fully, we need to contantly be open to talking to people to know their needs, and find out if our product or services could solve their problems.
    davida recently posted..What Value are You Giving to Prospective MLM Distributors

  4. Ron
    986 days ago

    So what if you have bought leads, you send them a email, thanking them for their time and with your website to a video. How do you start the converstion when you call them to see if they had watched the video? Most have not.

    • Corey
      985 days ago

      Call them first. Talk to them. Tell them you sent them information that they requested. Find out when they will watch the video, then call them an hour after they said they would watch it. I would also say start generating your own leads. you can learn how by using the same system many top internet network marketers use.
      Watch the videos then we’ll talk. Ill help you the best I can but I can only help if you are willing to help yourself.

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