How “Yes Man” Can Help you Have a Better Life

We All Want to Have a Better Life

The only question is HOW do we get it? Recently I watched the movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey. There is definitely a lot of truth in what the movie is about. BUT We don’t want to say “yes” to EVERYTHING that comes our way. First off I’ll tell you what the movie is about.

It’s a movie where a guy named Carl Allen always makes up excuses and says no all the time. He never does anything fun, is very predictable, and his wife left him 3 years prior because he was the same boring man the whole time. He meets someone who introduces the concept of “yes man” and his life is forever changed.

Have a better lifeOK. That’s the movie in a nutshell. But HOW can it help you have a better life? We all have had experiences where we wish we would have said yes on the onset. Why didn’t we? Why NOT? Scared of commitment? Scared it may cost too much? Whatever the reason is it truly doesn’t matter. We can’t change the past. BUT We can change the present which will inevitably change your future. To have a better life than what you have had you have to change what you’ve been doing. OTHERWISE you’ll always get what you always got. The point is to be open to opportunity. If you want more, do more. If you want to go places and are closed off to the opportunity that arises tomorrow you will say no. BE OPEN! The whole point of the movie isn’t to teach us to say YES to EVERYTHING. Its only to teach us to say yes to the things we want to do.

I WILL Have a Better Life

I know that, for me, things are changing. I don’t let opportunities pass me by. If I want to do something I know it doesn’t matter how much it costs because money will ALWAYS come back to you once you accept that. There is no point in HOARDING money. Just make more than you spend AND treat yourself to something nice more often than not. Like a wise man once told me “Pay YOURSELF first”. If your desires are to make more money there are many things I could show you to make more money. If your desires are to travel the world, there are TONS of sites that can help you do that. If you want to have a better life, MANY people are willing to help. The only thing is you have to be WILLING to be helped and you have to WANT a change. If not you will always be the same boring person you’ve always been. You may ask yourself “how can I have a better life” The answer is simple. Do what you want to do. NOT because you have to but because you WANT to.

How Bad do You Want to Have a Better Life?

What is the one thing that is stopping you from taking that leap of faith? If anything at all? The only thing you can do is believe that you will have a better life by doing what YOU WANT TO DO. Who would have thought that doing what you want would make you happier and give you a better life. All I have to say to that is do what you WANT to do be who you want to be and life the way you want to live and you WILL have a better life. How many people want to make money online? More than actually DO make money. How many people want to travel the world? Even MORE than those who actually do. The point is we have a lot of people who don’t do anything because they feel like they HAVE to do something else. Did you know that human beings are the only life form on the planet that doesn’t have to do anything? We don’t live on instinct. If we did we would all be animals running around living in caves. That’s crazy to think about but it’s true.

You can have a better life by learning to do something you’ve always wanted. Become successful in areas you never thought possible. Have success HERE and start your journey to have a better life.


Have a Better Life,

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Have a better life by changing your “NOW”.


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