Do you Control Your Emotions or are you Emotionally Controlled?

Control Your Emotions

This is a bit touchy subject for some people and before I continue with anything let me tell you that if I offend you by what I say from my experiences, let me be the first to tell you that you will get over it.

When you learn to control your emotions it will help you A TON in business. You will learn to not hold on to the outcome of sales you may make. You will NOT be upset with how someone else acts. It is truly a skill ALL business people need to learn.

Anyways… I will tell you a story about what happened to me very briefly before I continue. Control Your Emotions Control Your EmotionsOne day I was in the store and I ran across one of my old high school classmates whom I didn’t get along with very well. Well I asked him how he’s been over the years and he feels the need to try to aggravate me like he used to in high school. Now I’m not gonna lie, I used to let it get to me but from the things I’ve learned have taught me how to properly handle situations such as these. Our conversation continued and it was QUITE annoying but I kept cool because I’ve learned that your emotions control your actions so if I let him control my emotions he would be able to control my actions.

How do you Control Your Emotions?

For example. If you want someone to fight you you would typically talk about their mom or bash them so they hit you first. In doing that you are ensuring that you control that they swing first.

Anyway, I asked myself am I gonna let him control my emotions which in turn would control me? I wasn’t going to let this happen so I told myself, “Lets have a little fun”. Now in doing this I killed the situation with kindness which I knew would get under his skin and bother him which would in turn control his emotions which would in turn control him. Make sense? Our conversation went on and its like the odds flipped. HE was the one who was getting highly upset and he is the one who was being “Controlled” and it was due to me consciously knowing what I was doing. He ended up leaving and his day was probably ruined while I just left and continued to be my happy self.

Now I didn’t intentionally make him mad, but I intentionally kept him from making me mad which made him mad. My point in saying this is I controlled my emotions rather than letting him control them for me because if you don’t control your emotions someone else will which means someone else will control your actions, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want that. Once you are conscious about this fact you will find it funny when you realize someone is trying to mess with your emotions and know that YOU can run ANY situation with your new ability to control your emotions.

I can control your emotions!

Don’t believe me? If I were to argue with you about this fact you would get upset. Which would essentially be ME controlling how YOU feel. Its a funny thing really but it works.Control Your Emotions Control Your EmotionsDon’t let me control how YOU feel. You CHOOSE! Just know that if you want to be happy you can be happy by thinking about something that made you happier than you have ever been. If you are at the point of anger just flip that switch and its as easy as that. I challenge you to try it one day. If you talk to someone who is trying to get you angry know that you can control the situation by NOT getting angry. You’ll enjoy what happens.

Learn how to control YOUR emotions and you will inevitably learn how to control others’ emotions.

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  1. Danny Gilbreath
    1396 days ago

    Great post Corey, will share!!!


  2. Angelic
    1395 days ago

    heya, really good blog, and a decent understand! one for my book marks.

  3. hi Corey – I can see we have connected on Twitter – and, that you are into ´mental stuff´ – so, perhaps you also will find inspiration from this article I stumbled upon : – regards Dann S.

  4. wralyn
    1392 days ago

    Hey excellent post Cory! Its Very Insightful and has me stopping to think about my emotions. You Are truly a Beautiful Soul, keep fighting the good fight! The world needs more people like you. Namaste!!

  5. Thamara Shimoff
    1366 days ago

    Thank you for this blog. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something thats eye opening and important. You clearly know so much about the subject, youve covered so many bases. Great stuff from this part of the internet. Again, thank you for this blog.

  6. Amy Boarden
    1297 days ago

    Interesting article. Well when there is so much a new. Thanks, simply class

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